Confidentially & Privacy

CONFIDENTIALLY AND PRIVACY:  PHS will not disclose Cardholder information to third parties, other than Bank’s or PHS’ agents for the purposes of assisting PHS in completing a Card transaction or as specifically required by law.  PHS, in an area limited to select personnel, and prior to discarding, shall destroy in a manner rendering data unreadable, all material containing Card numbers.  If PHS sells product on the Internet, the PHS’s web site  must contain the PHS’ consumer date privacy policy and the PHS’ method of safeguarding consumer transaction data.  In the personal information, Card numbers, or other transaction information cannot be considered an asset of the business and subsequently sold or disclosed to a third party.  PHS is required to immediately notify Bank if a loss of transaction information is experienced or otherwise suspects that the information may have been compromised and to assist Bank with investigation of the loss.