Pontiac Historic Services (PHS) has formed a new subsidiary to expand the number of services available to the automotive hobbyist.

The new subsidiary, Automotive Services, has teamed up with Triple A enterprises to offer the owners of 1961 to 2000 Pontiacs the opportunity to purchase exact reproductions of the original window sticker that came on their car. Window stickers previously offered by Triple A Enterprises did not always include the delivering dealer, as much of this information was not available until Automotive Services was able to recreate the original factory records.

"We're very excited about this new venture," said PHS President Jim Mattison. "It allows us to provide Pontiac owners with the opportunity to help them add a new level of authenticity to their Pontiacs and make them more original-appearing than before."

To thwart off would-be counterfeiters who might add options that were never installed on their cars, such as performance powertrains, or other valuable equipment, Automotive Services will require PHS documentation for every window sticker ordered. 

Mattison also stated that owners of the 1989 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans Ams will now be able to purchase a reproduction window sticker for their car for the first time since they were new. Previously Pontiac had been unable to provide owners with replacement stickers. "This is a great development for the owners of these rare machines, who have been quite frustrated by this situation for a number of years," Mattison stated.

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